Bear suit

oilcoth nov 2013It’s almost hibernation season, and we’ve adjusted our hours accordingly (look over at that sidebar… ).  So you have the rest of November and December to get ready for the real depths of winter.  We recommend a steady diet of Mexican hot chocolate with whipped cream and cinnamon.  If your house is underinsulated, or if you’re camping on the South Rim, or if you’re still on that motorcycle, you and your loved ones will be ever so much happier with a good layer of subcutaneous fat.  Truth!

We’ve also stocked up on pretty new oilcloth for your holiday tables and various delights for kids and grown-ups.


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Volcanic Ensembles: Xochi Solis’ candy-colored art at the Raspa

When you get free come home to me, 2013

When you get free come home to me, 2013

It is with total delight that we announce an upcoming show from Austin’s Xochi Solis.  She’ll be installing her works — part painting, part collage, in mesmerizing layers of visual sweetness  — in the Raspa this coming week, just in time for the Viva Big Bend music festival.   Arty party with Xochi and experimental raspas, Saturday, July 27th from 6-8 pm.   You can read Culturemap’s take on Xochi and her work here.

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Hey, Easy Riders

photo (3)You’ve been driving through the desert all day.  Your face is reduced to a pair of bloodshot eyes and a little bit of stubble, your fingers are sore from gripping the handlebars, and all that’s left of your rocking soundtrack is the hard bass beat.  Perhaps it’s time to enjoy a raspa.

We take this oasis business seriously, dear people.  Staying hydrated is important, but we want you to stay happy.  So the Topo Chicos and the Mexican Cokes and the pickles are icy cold, the backyard is shady, the wireless is free, and the ice is sweet (or maybe sour.  Or spicy.  Or all three).

Now open even later for your cooling pleasure:  til 10 pm (or as long as there’s a line) Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

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All the pretty horses

…are at the Raspa now.  Come see new work by Marfa artist Grace Davis (  and choose your favorite pony.  Through June 15.

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Cinco de Mayo

So it’s 39 degrees in May, with promises of ice and howling winds.  But yesterday, people.  Let’s talk about yesterday, with its sunshine and its soft breezes and the scent of honeysuckle and jasmine filling the very air with sweetness.   That was a day.  That was springtime.  And it will come again.  But probably not until Saturday.  So let’s talk about Cinco de Mayo weekend:

The big party will NOT be on Murphy Street this year.  The party will be at Centennial Park on Saturday and at Kokernot on Sunday.  For details, see

If you want to come and dance in our streets anyway, please do it.  We will be open and serving up raspas in colores como los que visten los campos en la primavera, which is to say, every color, including red, white and green.

For reasons unrelated to Cinco de Mayo but related to our ongoing celebration of love and sugar, the Raspa will open at 4 pm on Friday and on Monday.  So our schedule for this week only is Thursday 11-9, Friday 4-9, Saturday 11-9, Sunday 11-9, and Monday 4-9.

Happy fiestaing!


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56 flavors, 57 hours

Announcing new spring/summer hours!  Now that the sun is setting later, we’re staying open later.  And now that there are burritos in the backyard (really good ones, and that asado is spicy, so you probably want a strawberry raspa on hand to put out the flames.  Here to help, people.), we’re opening earlier.

Our new hours are Sunday, Monday and Wednesday 11- 8* and Thursday, Friday and Saturday 11-9 (still closed on Tuesdays).  Let’s do the math:  that’s 57 hours of raspas.  We have 50 flavors of syrupy goodness, plus five special raspas, plus the rainbow.  So that’s 56.  So you can come in here once an hour for an entire week and not repeat yourself until 7 pm Sunday night, at which point you probably want to switch to ice cream anyway.

*EDIT!  Make that 11-9 every day but Tuesdays.  More math.  Ay.

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de colores

It’s spring, is what I heard, and there are some pretty tulips blooming by the courthouse, though when I got real close I noticed that some of them are plastic.  Over here on the south side of the tracks, it’s a little dusty.  With the exception of Brown Dog Gardens, where Nancy’s got the magic combination of a green thumb and a hose, we’ve mostly got old tumbleweeds and a couple of nopales.

But what we do have is, we have raspas.  Margarita, the color of a new leaf.  Mango, the bright yellow of a daffodil.  Sour apple and kiwi and pear, which together are kind of like walking barefoot on a clovery lawn.  Bubblegum pink, tangy orange, blue coconut with cream like gentle clouds drifting across a wide arching sky.  You get the idea.

The Easter bunny gets a little nervous around the Raspa, since he’s in a white suit.  Chances are you won’t get one in your basket.  We’re open regular hours this weekend — Saturday, 11-8 (and serving coffee next door at the Farmer’s Market starting at 9) and Easter Sunday, 11-7.   Happy spring!

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Spring is sprung

…in honor of which we offer these inspiring words. 

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The Murphy Street Raspa Co. will reopen on Thursday, February 14th at 12 noon.  Come celebrate love and sugar with a dulce de leche sundae, art by Alan Vannoy and pretty shiny things from artisans both local and far-flung.  And if you can’t make it Thursday, no sweat.  We’ll be celebrating love and sugar all summer long!

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Seriously, people.  Our poor ice maker has a complex.  So we’re giving it a rest, flipping the sign to Cerrado for the rest of the month, and heading off in search of more things beautiful and sweet to bring back to the Raspa in February.  Also pickles.  Stay tuned for the reopening date, and for some Valentine celebrations on Murphy Street, and for food coming back to the back yard soon.  And thanks for a wonderful run these past few months!

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